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S01E00 - Teaser | Echobox Podcast Transcripts

Atualizado: 24 de ago. de 2023


ACHILLES: Hey, you reached Achilles. I’m clearly busy right now. You know what to do.

ECHO [audibly upset]: Hey, it’s Alex. I mean, you know that. My name is on the screen. Shut up, whatever.


ECHO [cont'd]: I- [sigh] Okay. Hi. I'm at work and I just saw Narcissus.... He- he got a deal with Olympus Records. A deal with Zeus. And I'm looking at the contract right now, and… I’m happy for him! I am! Shut up, of course I am. But he hasn’t been answering me for like… days. I know, I know he always was bad at texting me back, but he’s leaving me on read. I looked at his Instagram. And he changed his profile picture. He deleted some of our old couple photos, and I’m… You know how Zeus is about his boys dating someone. Especially if they’re a new upstart. Achilles, I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. Please call me back. I need my best friend. I-I have to go before Zeus sees me on my phone. And I- I don't know. Whatever. Um... Bye. Please call me back.




Echobox is written and produced by the Echobox Podcast Team. This episode stars, in order of appearance, Emma K. Blakeslee as Achilles and Isabella Sales as Alex/Echo. It was written by Isabella Sales. Audio and sound design by Corienne Swanson and Marianna Marcon. Logo design by Lucas Eduardo Bueno and website by Andy Cerdan.

Transcripts for this episode and others can be found on our website by transcriber Maxwell Caetano. Our website also has additional in-universe content and ways to get in contact with us. Visit or check the show notes for a link.

Echobox is created out of love for storytelling and provided at no profit to us. Your feedback is our reward! Reach out on our website or find us as echoboxpod across social media.

If you liked the teaser, please help us spread the word and tell your friends!

The first episode of Echobox will be out on July 19th, 2021. We can't wait to see you there.

Thank you for listening.

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